Quiz Panic

Adopt a Quizzy! A Quizzy is a little monster addicted to general knowledge! Help his get the right answers and watch as he evolves! This is the main aim of this new Quiz Panic! 

A world first!

Quiz Panic can be played by up to 20 people at any one time, a world first for mobile quizzes!
We’ve already seen up to 6 players with games such as Superbuzzer... Quiz Panic goes much further and allows for a unique, intense and hilarious shared experience!

A new way to quiz!

There are 20 Quizzies on the playing field… all being moved to the right (or wrong!) answers… all ready to play the game! And from this simple concept, a number of strategies are possible: copy you competitors, change your mind, bluff your way out of it... all while keeping an eye on the clock… because with Quiz Panic, it’s all a question of speed! 

Result: Quizzies running in every direction, changing their minds, spying and copying… and all while laughing out loud and having a whale of a time! Crazy rules add another layer of madness to all: giving the wrong answer deliberately, invisible opponents, being glued stuck to an answer and a whole load more…

So, do you reckon you’ll panic?

Downloadable via Android, and iOS soon!


The English version of Quiz Panic is now available!

Following its release within French-speaking countries, the English version of Quiz Panic is now available on Android!

With an average rating of 4.5 on the PlayStore and a horde of enthusiastic players, the Quiz Panic adventure has certainly got off to an extraordinary start!

So what's next? The iOS launch is coming up in just a few weeks... as well as the incredible 'Game with friends' mode!


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